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The Mission of the Maricopa High School football program is to create and foster a culture of
excellence in all aspects of our Student Athletes' lives. This includes emphasizing high
academic standards, proper sportsmanship and competition on the football field, healthy
lifestyles, and community engagement. Every athlete in our program will be pushed to

achieve their personal best in all pursuits and be treated with the respect and dignity they
deserve. We at Maricopa value and appreciate diversity within our school system and athletic
programs. This allows each student-athlete to acquire the knowledge, communication skills, and work ethic to become productive and responsible members of society.
Rams will always play the game with dignity within the rules outlined by the Arizona
Interscholastic Association and with great intensity.
Rams will be leaders on and off Maricopa’s campus and will always show respect, compassion,
and support for the community that gives so much to them.
Rams will show school spirit and pride in their campus.
Rams will never be out-hit, and never be out-hustled.

Ram Values
● Integrity
● Selflessness
● Unity
● Toughness
● Consistency
● Commitment
● Character
● Discipline
● Pride

● Confidence

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